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"One edgy broad!" -India-Rassner Donovan

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Welcome to all that I have to offer-my heart, my soul and my poetry!

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My Story

I wrote my first novel when I was in 4th grade, carrying around a 3-inch notebook that I wrote in every chance I could for two full years.  One day I got tired of carrying it and threw it in the trash. It was probably my first best seller, but due to my 5th grader impetuousness, we'll never know. 

I married, had my daughter, and went to Texas Woman's University and the University of Texas School of Law and continued to write books and poetry on my vacation, but my exciting legal career was a jealous mistress that allowed little time for writing. 

In 1997, my husband died in a freak accident, my father was dying and my house flooded.  I quit my job, traveled a bit and started writing to my online support group every day.  As widows and widowers around the world, we complained that we couldn't find what we wanted to read in poetry or otherwise about grief.  I began to write poems and prose online.  Despite their constant urging to publish, I resisted.

By 2006, I met the next love of my life.  I had hundreds, if not thousands of poems.  He began to read them and encouraged me to "do something with them." I was working two jobs teaching legal classes.  He helped me let go of one job in 2010 and as of January 2011, I was able to focus on my writing in a more professional manner.  We have jumped into the poetry scene in a huge way and my ship has sailed.

Finally, I am what I was always meant to be, a poet, a writer, a scribe of the universe.


Love is so short, the forgetting so long.

Pablo Neruda

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